MSR Evo 22in Red Snowshoe
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Our classic Evo snowshoes remain a favorite of snowshoers around the world, delivering MSR’s legendary dependability, built for the trail. With traction bars molded into its UniBody deck, it offers the essential grip needed for even modest slopes in less than ideal conditions. We hold it to the same standard for stability and control, and the weather-resistant, DuoFit™ binding delivers that in spades on rolling terrain, making this the hands-down best value going for trail walking and all-condition day use.

  • Unibody Traction: Steel traction rails and brake bars molded directly into snowshoe decks provide a secure and lasting grip.
  • Essential Security: DuoFit™ bindings deliver ample, freeze-proof and glove-friendly security, easily accommodating a wide range of footwear.
  • All-Condition Adaptability: Modular Flotation tails allow you the maneuverability of a smaller shoe in packed conditions with the added, on-demand flotation of optional, 6-inch (15-cm) tails for powder or carrying heavier loads.
  • Quick-Deploy: Zero set-up and simple one-handed operation fills 1-liter bottles in 60 seconds.
  • Simple to Clean: A few shakes helps restore flow rates in the field; no tools required.
  • Made in USA
  • Product Specs
    Weight per pair (Standard): 3 lbs 9 oz
    Dimensions (Standard): 22 x 8 in
    Binding type: DuoFit
    Televator: No
    Gait: Unisex/normal width
    Footwear size range (Standard): 4.5 M - 15 M
    Load (Standard): Up to 180 lbs
    Load w/ tails (Standard): Up to 250 lbs
    Style: 78148