Werner Skagit: Hooked 2 Piece Fishing Kayak Paddle
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Hooked: Brown Hooked: Orange

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The Skagit: Hooked offers mid-sized low angle blade with features directly from Werner's premium performance paddles, at a lower price. Great value for entrants to kayak fishing.

The mid-sized, low-angle blades fit the widest range of anglers. Fiberglass reinforced injection molded blades with designs derived from premium performance paddles are extremely durable and offers a good catch and is stable feeling. Available in a carbon blend straight shaft, standard diameter in longer lengths for wider boats and raised seats.

  • Surface Area 605 sq cm
  • Blade Length x Width 49 x 15.6cm
  • Straight Shaft Weight 992g/35oz
  • Available 240, 250 and 260cm
  • Skagit: Hooked Paddle Advantages: Low Angle
  • The most common paddling style using a more casual cadence.
  • The paddle is kept at a low angle relative to the water and a relaxed arching stroke is used.
  • Smooth forward stroke reduces fatigue.
  • Adjustable Ferrule/Smart-view
  • Elegant, easy to use design.
  • Low profile button looks and feels like a 1-piece paddle.
  • Internal gear system for precise fit.
  • Viewing window shows you your offset.
  • Adjusts feather left or right in 15 degree increments.
  • You determine what feather works best for you.
  • Straight Shaft
  • More traditional feeling and generally less expensive.
  • The lightest weight option available.
  • Continuous length allows for easy hand movement.
    Hooked: Brown240 cmSG 2 F11 240 021784046310821572795
    Hooked: Brown250 cmSG 2 F11 250 021784046310822272796
    Hooked: Brown260 cmSG 2 F11 260 021784046310823972797
    Hooked: Orange240 cmSG 2 F11 240 102284046311400184378
    Hooked: Orange250 cmSG 2 F11 250 102284046311401884379
    Hooked: Orange260 cmSG 2 F11 260 102284046311402584380