Kuhl Europa 1/4 Zip Pullover Mens
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The KÜHL EUROPA 1/4 ZIP sweater features Alfpaca fleece. Its performance as a technical mid-layer can’t be matched for warmth, and durabiltiy.

  • Flat Alfpaca® fleece: 22% Acrylic, 88% Polyester
  • Exclusive Alfpaca® fleece knitted with multi-toned yarns providing a richness and depth not seen in other fabrics.
  • The Europa features a shearling lined collar for added warmth-- with a YKK zipper for temperature control.
  • Flatlock seams for increased strength and reduced bulk.
  • YKK zipper for strength and durability.
  • Contrast stitching highlights athletic lines
  • YKK USA::YKK invests heavily in R&D to explore new techniques and possibilities. Utilizing state-of-the-art facilities, YKK studies the newest materials and technologies to conquer nature's challenges and supply market demands. Years of systematic investigation have resulted in thousands of breakthroughs in new products, applications, and manufacturing methods. Thousands of these discoveries are now recorded in the world's patent offices.
  • Wicks::Moisture transport to the outside of a garment during times of activity due to the capillary action of the fibers. Synthetics (polyesters) and wool wicks, while cotton absorbs; the difference can be crucial in the outdoors to comfort and survival.
  • ALFPACA™::This exclusive fleece is designed to match your individuality. Knit from a private selection of multicolored yarn into a kaleidoscope of color and technology.
  • QUICK DRY::Fabrics that wick moisture and dry quickly are ideal for your outdoor activities.
  • Flat Lock Seams::A special sewing machine is used to sew flatlock seams. The machine fuses 2 edges of material together creating a smooth, flat seam.

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