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The most sought-after Tilley Hat has a medium-sized brim that snaps up in the Aussie manner. Two colour combinations feature dark underbrims which help to reduce reflection from water, snow and sand. A lifetime investment in sun protection and smart appearance.

  • Appearance:To protect you from the sun and rain, Tilleys fit lower than other hats. This also tends to give one a rather dashing appearance! For your comfort, they're held on by gravity, not painful pressure on your forehead.
  • Guaranteed for life:Tilleys are replaced free if they ever wear out, shrink or fall apart.
  • Insured against loss: We'll replace your late, lamented Tilley at half the catalogue price
  • Floats:A layer of closed-cell foam in the crown, and sometimes in the brim, provides the Tilley's positive buoyancy.
  • Ties On:The Tilley comes with a tuckaway, adjustable, fore 'n' aft Wind Cord.
  • Repels Rain:Not perfectly but usually quite adequately. The lighterweight Nylamtium® Tilleys are excellent at repelling rain.
  • Won't Shrink:"Alex, you can't make a cotton hat that won't shrink!" Me: "But what if we boiled the material first?" They: "Well, I guess that would work."It did and does.
  • RepelsMildew: Repels mildew very well.
  • Hydriol® Anti-seal Band:Soft and comfortable, it picks up sweat from your forehead and wicks it away to your temple area where it evaporates.
  • Certified Sun Protection:All Tilley Hats have the AMC Cancer Research Center's highest rating, an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50+.
  • Measurements:Front and back of the brim: 2-3/4"; sides: 2-3/8".
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