Chaco ZX1 Sandals Kids
ChacoItem# 018785
$37.99 - $60.00



Puzzle Opal Fletched Pink Hugs and Kisses Mint Leaf Diamond Gray Faded Pink Dagger Crest Citrus Zigzag Coral

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A webbing pattern inspired by the classic basket weave, two narrow polyester straps in the Custom Adjust’em system offer a more secure fit by conforming to the curves of mini feet. ChaPU™ midsole on the contoured LUVSEAT™ platform footbed provides lasting arch support and body alignment for little ones.

  • Polyester jacquard webbing double straps wrap around the foot and through the midsole for the ultimate customized fit
  • Adjustable and durable high tensile webbing heel risers
  • Custom injection molded ladder lock for a secure hold
  • Midsole:
  • Durable LUVSEAT™ polyurethane footbed with slip resistant classic diamond pattern design
  • Outsole:
  • Non-marking EcoTread™ rubber outsole containing 25% recycled content with 2mm lug depth
  • Size Chart

    Puzzle Opal2J180028 884401654679106547
    Puzzle Opal3J180028 884401654686106548
    Puzzle Opal4J180028 884401654693106549
    Puzzle Opal5J180028 884401654709106550
    Puzzle Opal6J180028 884401654716106551
    Fletched Pink10J180032 884401654921106558
    Fletched Pink11J180032 884401654938106559
    Fletched Pink12J180032 884401654945106560
    Fletched Pink1J180032 884401654860106552
    Fletched Pink2J180032 884401654877106553
    Fletched Pink3J180032 884401654884106554
    Fletched Pink4J180032 884401654891106555
    Fletched Pink5J180032 884401654907106556
    Fletched Pink6J180032 884401654914106557
    Hugs and Kisses1J180152 044209281068106562
    Hugs and Kisses2J180152 044209281075106563
    Hugs and Kisses4J180152 044209281099106565
    Hugs and Kisses5J180152 044209281105106566
    Hugs and Kisses6J180152 044209281112106567
    Mint Leaf10J180090 67733899376496744
    Mint Leaf11J180090 67733899377196745
    Mint Leaf12J180090 67733899378896746
    Mint Leaf13J180090 67733899379596747
    Mint Leaf1J180090 67733899370296748
    Mint Leaf2J180090 67733899371996749
    Mint Leaf3J180090 67733899372696750
    Mint Leaf4J180090 67733899373396751
    Mint Leaf5J180090 67733899374096752
    Mint Leaf6J180090677338993757107426
    Diamond Gray4J180073 884401655799106569
    Diamond Gray5J180073 884401655805106570
    Diamond Gray6J180073 884401655812106571
    Faded Pink4J18009204420927918880102
    Crest Citrus10J180232 63584114741888929
    Crest Citrus11J180232 63584114742588930
    Crest Citrus13J180232 63584114744988932
    Zigzag Coral13J180010 67733899249196754