Wilderness Systems

Since 1986, Wilderness Systems has chased perfection in the kayaks they design and build. Their obsession for better performance, ?ner materials and unmatched comfort produces kayaks that are widely considered the most satisfying paddling experience in the sport. No matter where you are in your paddling life, Wilderness Systems has a kayak that will increase your enjoyment, it's just that simple.

Wilderness Systems ATAK 140 Kayak

The Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K. 140 – Advanced Tactical Angling Kayak – is fully equipped and in position to take the kayak angling world by storm. Featuring an open design that can be customized to meet the demands of any angler and environment
Item: 011083



Wilderness Systems Ride 115 Max Angler

Angler Package and the Phase 3® AirPro MAX high/low seating system. Fully functional in existing Ride models, the patent-pending seat has a full forward/aft trim range and a three phase High, Low and Recline positioning achievable
Item: 011089

$1,041.00  $1,389.00


Wilderness Systems Ride 115 Max

This compact, sub 12-footer has everything paddlers, anglers and hobbyists dream about: massive capacity and storage, versatile performance and rock-solid stability.
Item: 011090

$899.00  $1,209.00

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100

Versatile sit-on-top offers stunning performance for surf play, ponds, lakes, and bays.
Item: 011122


Wilderness Systems Tarpon 135T Tandem Kayak 2016

The Tarpon 135T takes the classic Tarpon 130 tandem hull to another level
Item: 011147



Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T Kayak

High performance in a tandem? Right here, in the Pamlico 145. One of the most efficiently designed tandems on the market. They should have put flames down the side of this one.
Item: 011188

$989.00  $1,079.00

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Kayak

The most popular kayak in the Tarpon family because of its manageable size. Efficient layout leaves plenty of room for paddlers and their gear, with features to accommodate a variety of hobbies.
Item: 011224


Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 Kayak

Engineered to maintain stability and glide while extending gear capacity. Great performance in the convenience of a sit-on-top.
Item: 011226



Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 Pro Kevlar 2008

The epitome of a transitional touring boat; light enough for an easy afternoon's relaxation, spacious enough for a weekend outing.
Item: 011290

$1,795.00  $2,825.00

Wilderness Systems Radar 135 Kayak

Introducing the Radar 135 – Wilderness Systems’ first tri-powered kayak with paddle, power and pedal capabilities – that has more capacity to handle bigger water and bigger anglers.
Item: 011082


Wilderness Systems Tarpon 130X Kayak

The Tarpon 130X maintains a sleek, speedy, and exceptionally stable platform with modern shaping and abundant feature upgrades such as the versatile Flex Pod OS, allowing for storage, electronic and propulsion opportunities
Item: 011146


Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak

The best-selling Pungo features an impressive balance of manageability, stability, speed, and comfort. Ample storage capacity, yet light enough to handle with ease.
Item: 011208



Wilderness Systems Tsunami 120 Kayak 2015-16

Mid-range cockpit size with shorter length is versatile for day to weekend trips in streams to coastal regions to large lakes.
Item: 011268

$779.00  $1,049.00


Wilderness Systems Tsunami 120 Kayak 2016-2017

Mid-range cockpit size with shorter length is versatile for day to weekend trips in streams to coastal regions to large lakes.
Item: 011270

$839.00  $1,049.00

Wilderness Systems Radar 115 Kayak

Introducing the Radar 115 – Wilderness Systems’ first tri-powered kayak with paddle, power and pedal capabilities.
Item: 011081



Wilderness Systems AirPro Max Seat

This high/low seating system is poised to give kayak anglers the competitive advantage they need to sight fish from the seat of their Ride. Fits the Ride 115, 115X, and 135 models.
Item: 121763


Wilderness Systems ATAK 120 Kayak

The A.T.A.K. 120 is streamlined version of the A.T.A.K. 140, maintaining all the core attributes that have set a new standard for fishing kayaks.
Item: 011084



Wilderness Systems Helix PD Pedal Drive

Upgrade your fishing kayak experience and stay on the water longer with the Helix Pedal Drive for select Wilderness Systems fishing kayaks.
Item: 011615



Wilderness Systems Thresher 140 Kayak

The Thresher series ushers in the next generation of high performance sit-on-tops. The hull is efficient and quick, yet stable and predictable to handle ever-changing open water conditions.
Item: 011310

$1,159.00  $1,449.00

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