Good Gear. Great Karma. Harmony brings together a comprehensive, well-thought-out selection of premium paddling gear that not only works well, but works well together - in Harmony.

Harmony Padded 2" Thigh Straps

These straps are engineered to provide superior performance, safety, and comfort in equal measure. Strong, stiff 2" (5 cm) web resists rollover or bunching,
Item: 121114


Harmony Drain Plug Kit 8025224

Create an easier way for you to drain your kayak.
Item: 121200



Harmony 50 ft Rescue Throwbag

Fifty feet of 3/8" 1,800 lb test braided floating polyethylene line provides good range and features yellow/orange braid for superior on-water visibility.
Item: 121250

$32.95  $49.95

Harmony Single Kayak Hanging System

Tuck your boat into bed the right way.
Item: 121261



Harmony Dry Flex MP3 Case

Create your own soundtrack for a day on the water and ensure your player stays protected with our MP3 Dry Case.
Item: 121301

$19.95  $29.95

Harmony 5" Hatch Kit

Add a secure hatch to your boat for increased access and storage.
Item: 121476


Harmony Sit On Top Thigh Straps 8025049

Thigh straps that fit most Sit-on-Top kayaks
Item: 121480


Harmony 2 Part Rudder Cable Kit

The Harmony Replacement Rudder Cables with Crimps include (2) steel cables, (4) swages for crimping and shrink tube to cover swages.
Item: 121564


Harmony Miniskirt Touring Cockpit

Fashionable, convenient and form-fitting for a variety of touring cockpits.
Item: 121634



Harmony Clearwater Portage Kayak Cockpit Cover Sm

Webbed belt fits around boat for secure fit and transportation. Fits cockpit sizes: 30" x 18"
Item: 121639

$29.95  $39.99


Harmony Keepers Footbraces XL

The Keepers Foot Brace Kit is the most commonly used footbrace in the world. These OEM replacement footbraces are lightweight and easy to adjust. 20" overall length tracks use universal mounting hole pattern.
Item: 121832

$29.95  $39.95

Harmony Whitewater Knee Pads Flat

More than sufficient for periodic kneeling, these long 24" (61 cm) and wide 8" (20 cm) pads are perfect for padding everything from kayak seats to roof racks and tightening the fit of hip pads or adding a little more height to a pedestal
Item: 121110



Harmony Canoe Kayak Cart flat Free

It's easy to assemble and it's compact folding design makes for convenient storage. The blue anodized coating on its aluminum frame is corrosion resistant and has a capacity of 150 lbs.
Item: 121172


Harmony Oval Orbix Bin for Wilderness Systems

2015 Wilderness Systems kayaks and newer outfitted with new Orbix Hatches now have the option of additional internal storage organization with drop in bins.
Item: 121426


Harmony Tech Lift Seat Pad 8025054

1 inch thick pre-shaped minicell foam, easy to install with adhesive backing.
Item: 121469



Harmony Blade Aide Paddle Float

Buoyant float that attaches to a paddle blade for aid in self rescue.
Item: 121491

$34.95  $46.95

Harmony Keepers Trigger Kayak Footbraces Kit

OEM replacement footbraces are lightweight, easy to adjust. Just like the original footbraces in older Perception, Dagger and other kayaks.
Item: 121835


Harmony Vynabond Adhesive Kit

Ideal for installing vinyl-padded D-rings into Royalex hulls.
Item: 121160



Harmony Fusion Tandem Kayak Sprayskirt

The Fusion Series is constructed of waterproof urethane coated nylon packcloth for added durability at an unbeatable value. Regardless of paddler size, this skirt will keep you covered.
Item: 121439


Wilderness Systems Commander SlideTrax Anchor Trolley

Kit allows you to deploy an anchor from the cockpit and position the anchor line anywhere alongside the boat.
Item: 121528

$28.95  $34.99

Harmony Rod Holder Clip Kit

This Rod Holder is designed to provide secure storage for your rod en route to the fishing grounds.
Item: 121551


Harmony Replacement Handles with Bungee- 2pk

The Harmony Replacement Side Handles with Bungee Paddle Park feature a sewn in bungee paddle keeper.Will fit the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100, 120, 130T, 140, 160, 160i as well as the Wilderness Systems Ride models from 2011 and earlier.
Item: 121575


Harmony 1" D-Ring with Vinyl Pad

D-rings provide attachment points for just about anything you want to secure to your canoe: float bags, packs and gear, spare paddles, etc. A 1" (2.5 cm) D-ring is probably the best size for all but the most demanding applications.
Item: 121116


Harmony Round Orbix Bin for Wilderness Systems

2015 Wilderness Systems kayaks and newer outfitted with new Orbix Hatches now have the option of additional internal storage organization with drop in bins.
Item: 121427


Harmony ComforTech Seat Pad 8025055

1/4 inch thick pre-shaped minicell foam, easy to install with adhesive backing.
Item: 121471


Harmony Super Bilge Sponge

These new sponges are encased in a chamois cloth, no more sand in your sponge!
Item: 121520


Harmony Slide Trax Tie Downs 4 Set

Movable and removable tie downs lock into the SlideTrax system on new Tarpons and provide unmatched versatility and customization for securing gear
Item: 121521


Harmony Keepers Kayak Trigger Footbrace Pedal

Kayak Keeper6 footbrace pedal with trigger only. Fits most Perception, Dagger and Aquaterra kayaks. Sold as a single pedal.
Item: 121838


Harmony 2" D-Ring with 6 inch Vinyl Pad

Want to secure an oversized piece of gear or simply want to provide the strongest possible anchor, perhaps to secure exceptionally valuable or essential equipment?
Item: 121115


Harmony Three (3) Kayak Hanging System

Trust us…even if you only have 1 boat, you should go ahead and get this 3 boat hanger. It won't be very long before your 1 boat has company.
Item: 121263


Harmony Deck Riggin Kit

Deck rigging comes in handy when you need to secure items for ready access or when your trip requires excess gear. In that case, secure the lightweight gear here.
Item: 121499


Harmony Slidelock Footbraces XL

The Harmony Slidelock Foot Brace Kit adjusts via an extension rod that places positioning literally at your fingertips. No more reaching down into the hull to find that hidden trigger.
Item: 121833



Harmony Whitewater Knee Pads Contoured

For paddlers who need maximum stabilization of position. The Playboat Pad provides the leverage and purchase to make your roll more predictable and reliable.
Item: 121108

$19.95  $24.95


Harmony Slide Trax Transducer Arm

No more frustration when deploying the transducer on a fish finder.
Item: 121524

$25.95  $29.99


Harmony Anchor Trolley Kit

An anchor trolley allows you to deploy your anchor from any point between the bow and stern of your kayak. It gives you the ability to decide which direction you want to face when anchored.
Item: 121750

$29.95  $34.95


Harmony Kayak Miniskirt Recreational Yellow

Wilderness Systems introduced the world to the patented mini-skirt concept quite awhile ago. Rec size for cockpits 40" to 55".
Item: 121632

$29.95  $39.95

Harmony Portage Kayak Cockpit Cover

The Harmony Portage Cover, with built in cam strap, is your solution for worry-free transportation and outdoor storage. Available in 5 popular sizes.
Item: 121444



Harmony Synergy Recreation Kayak Sprayskirt

The Synergy Series Kayak Sprayskirt is constructed of urethane coated 210 denier nylon for added durability at a value.
Item: 121441



Harmony Fusion Rec Kayak Sprayskirt

Durable functionality at a great price, the Fusion sprayskirt from Harmony offers a waterproof nylon material with a draw cord around the waist to keep the spray from leaking in.
Item: 121440



Harmony Kayak Cockpit Cover

The Harmony Cockpit Cover is your solution for worry-free outdoor storage. Available in various sizes to fit your tandem or solo kayak.
Item: 121442



Harmony Clearwater XL Kayak Portage Cockpit Cover

This heavy-duty coated nylon cover keeps your boat free of debris while traveling. Fits cockpit sizes 40" x 19" to 44" x 21"
Item: 121644

$24.95  $39.95

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