MSR 20 oz. Threaded Fuel Bottle
MSR (Mountain Safety Research)Item# 097210

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From base to neck, MSR Fuel Bottles are made from a single piece of impact-extruded aluminum. That means no seams or welds, which helps prevent leaks and cracks. And since the aluminum is thicker at the bottle's base and shoulders, it resists bulging when pressurized. In fact, in every detail, MSR Fuel Bottles are as thoughtfully engineered as the stoves they work with. Equipped with with child resistant cap to provide extra safety.

Available in 3 sizes: 11oz./325ml. 20oz./650ml. 30oz./975ml.

  • Controlled Pouring - Holes in shaft of bottle cap allow measured flow, prevent messy spills.
  • Air-Tight Seal - Allows longer-term fuel storage by preventing air from entering and degrading fuel.
  • Threaded Neck - To ensure a longer-lasting seal, we machine threads right into the neck, instead of using a separate threaded metal insert which can twist loose and simply spin - so you can't pour fuel or remove the pump or cap.
  • Pump Storage - MSR Fuel Pump can be stored inside a depressurized bottle for easy transporting.
  • Child Rsistant Cap - "push-and-twist" cap for added safety